Divergent & Marry Him: Forty-Second & Forty-Third Book Wrap Up


February’s monthly book meeting could not have showed cased two more different books. One the one hand, there was the relentless heroine from Divergent fighting tooth and nail to stay alive. On the other, Marry Him is an attempt to give women a new prospective about finding love: don’t dismiss potential mates before giving them a true chance.

Veronica Roth’s novel Divergent greatly resembled The Hunger Games, one of last year’s favorite reads. Divergent is a book about the division of society into personality types. Although the book portrays an exaggeration of five personality types, it sheds light into the way humans often self segregate. The protagonist’s struggle to select the personality type she would forever be reminded many of the time they were in high school trying to find themselves. Similarly, while the characters in the book fight to belong in a personality type, like in real life, the characters also fight not to be cast offs. The ladies are thrilled about the upcoming film next month!

The ladies had very strong opinions about Lori Gottlieb’s Marry Him. There were some that swore by the book, following its tenets when looking for “Mr. (Not) Perfect.” For others, the book seemed to overlook the reasons why some relationships don’t work in the first place. Simply looking at a relationship in retrospect neglects the person’s raw emotions felt at the point in time.  Bottom line, finding love is not easy. But as one of the ladies best said it “Everyone who wants a husband should take it as seriously as their career!”


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