A House in the Sky: Forty-Sixth Book Wrap Up

Amanda Lindhout, in her book A House in the Sky, takes us on the journey that lead to herA House in the Sky widely known 460 day captivity in Somalia. I think its safe to say that the Holistic Ladies, in general, enjoyed this book and the conversation it. Some applauded her audacity to explore war torn countries alone while others lamented the circumstances which lead her to starting a foundation. I asked what was Amanda’s biggest flaw and someone said “thinking she was invincible,” as she did not measure the level of danger she put her family in. It does take a certain degree of guts to start a journalism career in dangerous places without proper safety planning. We wondered what Nigel Brennan, her traveling buddy, has written about in his memoir The Price of Life: A True Story of Kidnap & Ransom, how his storytelling differs from Amanda, and how he describes her.

We recommend this book, but do give a warning to those sensitive to rape stories. It is unfortunate for women in the 21st century to fall silent under the common presence of  sexual abuse, especially under the pretense of religious or cultural norms.