61st Book Review – The Opposite of Loneliness

Was Marina Keegan going to become a great American author or is her posthumous success more of a Selena effect? A success after death carried by the potential of who she could have become…Who knows. What we do know is that The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories is a great collection of short stories both fiction and non fiction. It’s a quick and inspiring read. The topics are evocative, deep but delivered with the freshness of her 22 year old soul.

What was particularly catching to me is the depth of her writing and how each story was different from another. It’s not like reading Paulo Coelho where you are going to be hit with “search for the meaning of life” in every book. Marina’s stories had underlying themes of love but delivered differently from one story to the next. She writes about young love, old love, parental love, love for humanity – all in different context and flavors.

This book is a must read.

I leave you with some quotes discussed during the bookclub meeting and youtube videos of her in the news and delivering poetry at Yale.

  • “She had the rare combination of being quiet and popular, a code that made her intimidating to younger, fashionable girls and mysterious to older confident boys.”
  • “I heard the creak of a door behind me and turned, quickly, to see Julian shutting its heavy frame behind him, panting. Jared’s hands were on Emma and I felt him pulling and myself letting go.”
  • “Why do we spend so much time caring about the animals? Yes, their welfare is important, but surely that of human is more so.”

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