67th Book Review: Hologram for the King (by Roberta)

Thishfk month the Ladies decided to read a male-centric book to get into the head of an American businessman going through what seems like an endless period of bad luck. Though everyone appreciated this author’s peculiar writing style there was a general consensus that A Hologram for the King felt like story that was constantly going in no direction. Though there were stand out scenes that left readers pondering on the events that had transpired there was a lack of consistent character development. However, some of the ladies praised author Dave Eggers for deviating for the tried and predictable story arc that we are so accustomed to. By the end of the discussion we agreed that if A Hologram for the King is on your current list of books to read, then go ahead! If you rather watch the movie though, it makes the story much easier to follow and features everyone’s favorite Tom Hanks!


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