The Hike – 69th Book Discussion

Our Hike conversation was lively, spirited and healthily divisive. I
particularly enjoy hearing the first impressions of love and hate we all start with hike(cue to Pavarotti & Celine I hate you then i love you song- min 2:25). A book discussion would not be the same if we don’t start with a generalized statement which then gets explored in some depth. And to the depths we went.

WHAT IS THE PATH!?” Jen asked- she was on the hate camp for this book.

Answering that lead us to all sorts of perceived understandings. Was this “dude author” capable of writing something evocative with simple language or was it just a simple Disney-ish like fiction book packed with a Sebastian (little mermaid) like sidekick. Sarah said the path reminded her of the vicious cycle of domestic abuse. Nicole thought the path was like a simple fun game where the protagonist has to make it to the next level. Rachel proposed the path could be a metaphor to midlife crisis, while Ursula said it could be a marriage metaphor.

If anything, I am happy to have escaped into a wacky world of a talking Crab. It was a nice break from the seriousness of our previous books.

Read at your own risk, but do finish it- its a quick read!

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