Who are we?

We are single, dating, engaged, married, smart, humble, decisive, professional, energetic, diverse, inquisitive, fun, respectful, responsible, caring, open and confident women.

Jerlin Hurtado

As founder of Holistic Lady book club, Jerlin has turned her love for reading into a diverse space of reading and sharing.

Jerlin’s affinity for reading started in the 4th grade after receiving a great gift from her dad, a 10 pack of short folkloric stories from her native Venezuela. It may have been a cheap way to amuse her daughter, but that gift opened doors to her future interest in reading as a way of continuous inward exploration and connection with others. As a native Spanish speaker living in the United States, she has used reading to both further her strength in the English lexicon and retain her Spanish roots.  Her favorite books are those that do not have a language barrier for the story is strong and the message is universal. To this day her ultimate favorite book remains The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho while the most influential book is The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

With a Bachelors degree in International Affairs and a Masters in Development Economics, she consistently questions the ultimate truth behind geopolitical situations. She currently works for a Fortune 500 company using her talents on a daily basis to make things happen. Click here to see Linkedin profile.

Jerlin has a wide array of interests that keep her mind, body and soul occupied. Her love for God, her husband, family and Mocha Frappuccino’s is visible upon meeting her.


Jennifer Butterfoss

Jennifer happened upon Holistic Lady during a fervent search to find some kind of outlet to focus her passion, energy and intellectual curiosity on something other than urban public education.  As a Middle School Administrator, her favorite topics are usually her students, school or the state of public education in San Francisco.  HL provides a much-needed alternative!

Jennifer’s love of reading can be traced back to her family’s nightly ritual of bedtime stories and the summer sticker charts in her small town’s public library.  She is the reigning queen of the following types of literature:  self-help, memoirs, biographies, all things Oprah’s Book Club, and anything by Jorge Luis Borges (provided it is accompanied by a giant dictionary).  She is a giant fan of themed parties, which translates well into themed book club meetings.

Jennifer is also a newly-wed, new homeowner and a new mom…all in the last year.  So she is grateful to the wonderful crew of HL for always being more than forgiving when she shows up to meetings having never opened the book!  Hopefully a nice, long maternity leave will help her play catch up in the coming months.


Jessica Robins

Jessica Robins

I’m a Portland-obsessing, cat-loving, toddler-chasing, husband-doting, advertising sales-working, 30-something gal.



Sarah Brigid Newsham Kent

sarahSarah Brigid Newsham Kent spent most of her childhood in the library across the street from her house. The books she gobbles up are usually poetic and centered around women, cultures different than her own, social justice, and food. When she’s not reading, she loves adventuring around SF on foot and bike with her husband Patrick, making feasts from farmers’ market goodies, planning programs for seniors at the non profit where she works, and scheming her next creative project.



Anne Hofinga

FB_IMG_1452803109211-2Anne was always the kid in elementary school who would get in trouble for reading a book under her desk while the teacher was speaking. She reads as a way to explore the far corners of the earth without ever leaving the couch. As a self-proclaimed foodie, Anne is always looking for great restaurant recommendations in the Bay Area. When not reading or eating, she searches for any opportunity to get outside and explore in nature. She currently works in Sales, click here to check out her LinkedIn profile. Anne loves HL because it gives her the opportunity to learn from and laugh with some incredible women.